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Information Technology News UK

» Chatterbox: Monday
24/10/16 07:36 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The place to talk about games! It’s Monday. Continue reading...

» Share your iPod photos and memories with us
24/10/16 07:22 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The iPod turned 15 years old on Sunday and to celebrate we’d like to hear your memories of the innovative MP3 player On October 23 2001, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod to the world. 15 years on and six generation iPods later we’d like to h...

» The real-world uses for virtual reality
24/10/16 07:02 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
VR is increasingly being used in real-world situations by schools, charities, hospitals and... kitchen retailers.

» Games reviews roundup: Paper Mario Color Splash; The Tale of Doris and the Dragon; Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
24/10/16 05:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Mario tropes are the butt of goofy, self-aware humour, while magic and politics meet in medieval Italy Wii U, Nintendo; cert: 3 ★★★ Continue reading...

» Artificial intelligence 'judge' developed by UCL computer scientists
23/10/16 23:01 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Software program can weigh up legal evidence and moral questions of right and wrong to predict the outcome of trials Artificial intelligence software that can find patterns in highly complex decisions is being used to predict our taste i...

» AI predicts outcome of human rights cases
23/10/16 22:53 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A research project has found that an AI could accurately predict the outcome of legal cases nearly 80% of the time.

» After the success of Pokémon Go!, what is the future for augmented reality?
23/10/16 07:30 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
We can conjure objects into our real world as if by magic with AR, and with Pikachu and friends earning up to $10m per day, R&D departments are searching for the next phase While Dorothy, blue-skirted and pigtailed, clutching a wicke...

» Do you want your shower to help Russian hackers? | John Naughton
23/10/16 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The internet of things has created a global network of devices vulnerable to cyber criminals – and no one wants to fix it M y eye was caught by a Kickstarter campaign for a gizmo called a SWON , described as “a connected conservation dev...

» Victory over Isis will stream live on Facebook. But defeat won’t
23/10/16 05:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The war in Iraq is being broadcast 24/7. But don’t think for a moment that the authorities have surrendered their control over the media Some 34 years ago, almost by accident, Britain’s ministry of defence solved the pesky problem that h...

» Lexus GS F 5.0L V8: car review | Martin Love
23/10/16 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The Lexus GS F is a 168mph saloon with near vertical powers of acceleration. Perfect for a trip to the shops… Price: £72,495 Top speed: 168mph 0-60mph: 4.5 seconds MPG: 25.2 CO2: 260g/km I’ve a bad back at the moment so the friendly man ...

» City banks plan to hoard bitcoins to help them pay cyber ransoms
22/10/16 21:30 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Experts say blue chip companies have decided it’s cheaper to deal with extortionists than risk damaging attacks Several of London’s largest banks are looking to stockpile bitcoins in order to pay off cyber criminals who threaten to bring...

» 'Smart' devices 'too dumb' to fend off cyber-attacks, say experts
22/10/16 15:47 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Internet-connected gadgets vulnerable because they don’t have enough memory for safety software, use generic code and access web by default “Smart” internet-connected devices such as webcams, kettles and baby monitors are “too dumb” to r...

» 'Smart' home devices used as weapons in website attack
22/10/16 15:33 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Hackers used internet-connected home devices, such as printers and web cameras, to attack popular websites on Friday, security analysts say.

» How did hackers use everyday devices to launch a cyber attack? – video report
22/10/16 12:14 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
On Friday the US and EU were subjected to a far-reaching cyber attack, which widely blocked internet access; some of the world’s most popular websites were shutdown, including Paypal, Twitter and Spotify. The hack was a botnet attack. Us...

» Citroën Cactus car review – ‘Its metier is rugged jaunts across tricky terrain’
22/10/16 10:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Bright red seatbelts look like ceremonial sashes: my kid has become an ambassador Having a Citroën Cactus is a bit like painting your house pink; it sounds extraordinary and daring; it looks it for a while, but since you’re mostly inside...

» SeaFall: is the legacy format heralding a new era of board games?
22/10/16 08:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
After the success of Pandemic Legacy, designer Rob Daviau is back with a seafaring adventure. But is everyone ready for board games you throw away at the end? Rob Daviau thought Cluedo was flawed. It was around the end of 2008, while Dav...

» Cyber attack: hackers 'weaponised' everyday devices with malware to mount assault
22/10/16 05:47 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Hundreds of thousands of devices such as webcams and DVRs were infected with malicious code to create a so-called ‘botnet’ to target leading sites The huge attack on global internet access, which blocked some of the world’s most popular ...

» Russian man charged with hacking LinkedIn and other tech firms
22/10/16 00:18 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
LinkedIn has suggested the 29-year-old’s arrest is tied to a 2012 breach that resulted in more than 100 million of its users’ passwords being compromised A Russian man has been charged with hacking and stealing information from computers...

» Zuckerberg proves he is Facebook's editor by allowing Trump's hate speech
21/10/16 23:33 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Deciding to make judgments about the newsworthiness of content is a major shift for the social media platform whose CEO insists it is ‘not a media company’ Mark Zuckerberg is officially the editor-in-chief of the world’s largest news org...

» Google’s ad tracking is as creepy as Facebook's. Here’s how to disable it
21/10/16 22:48 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Google in June deleted a clause in its privacy settings that said it would not combine cookie information with personal information without consent Google has changed the way it tracks users across the internet so that it can now link pe...

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