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» Unofficially fixed iPhones 'disabled'
05/02/16 18:16 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is allegedly rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple.

» LinkedIn shares drop 43% as weak forecast spooks investors
05/02/16 17:45 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The professional social networking website’s stock plummeted to three-year low of $110.01 after revenue predictions fell much shorter than expected LinkedIn Corp’s shares plunged as much as 43% on Friday, wiping out nearly $11bn of marke...

» XCOM 2 review - best strategy game ever? The truth is in here
05/02/16 16:44 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
A brilliant concept coupled with smart design choices results in a hugely rewarding game that over-delivers in almost every area Among XCOM’s distinctions is that it is a difficult game, so the sequel’s concept is quite brilliant: the fi...

» X projects: Alphabet's 'moonshot' ventures that could change the world
05/02/16 14:51 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Google makes the money but Alphabet’s other companies are wildly ambitious, from ‘curing’ ageing to robot butler design Looking at the annual results of Alphabet, you could be forgiven for thinking that last year’s reorganisation of the ...

» Tim Peake to watch Six Nation's England rugby match live in space
05/02/16 13:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
British astronaut plans to post tweets about the game, as the BBC beams live-stream of it to his space station orbiting 400km above the earth British astronaut Tim Peake is set to take time off on Saturday afternoon to watch England’s ru...

» James Franco to direct Twitter tale of stripper Zola's sordid road trip
05/02/16 13:38 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Drama is based on viral tweets by Aziah ‘Zola’ Wells – which won praise from Ava DuVernay and Missy Elliott – about her brush with a violent pimp James Franco has signed up to direct a potentially controversial true-life drama based on a...

» New homes to get superfast broadband
05/02/16 13:06 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The government has hammered out a deal between Openreach and housing developers to ensure new homes have superfast broadband.

» Google’s AI AlphaGo to take on world No 1 Lee Se-dol in live broadcast
05/02/16 12:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
DeepMind’s Go-playing software will play South Korean in five-match game live-streamed on YouTube, following victory over European champion Google’s French Go-champion-beating AlphaGo artificial intelligence will take on the Go world No ...

» Meet Joe Simitian, Silicon Valley's surveillance technology watchdog
05/02/16 12:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The Californian has drafted the strictest proposal yet that would require police forces to get explicit permission for new surveillance tech One of the broadest pushes to reel in America’s surveillance state isn’t Congress, the White Hou...

» Big Mother: is tracking technology a threat to a healthy childhood?
05/02/16 11:38 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Tracking children with GPS-enabled devices is becoming practical and affordable, but child rights and privacy campaigners are worried Losing track of a child is a terrifying prospect. The recent emergence of GPS devices that can report o...

» Google AI will play live Go match
05/02/16 11:01 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Google has announced the next challenge for its AI software - to play a live-streamed Go match against the world champion.

» Welsh home installs UK's first Tesla Powerwall storage battery
05/02/16 09:52 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Battery could revolutionise UK energy market by enabling people to store excess energy generated from rooftop solar panels The setting is decidedly modest: a utility room in a red-brick house at the end of a cul-de-sac in Wales. But if t...

» 10 of the best apps for saving money
05/02/16 09:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
From discounts on hotel rooms and plane tickets to shopping vouchers, student deals and gig tickets without booking fees All hail the age of austerity. Even if that doesn’t extend to the expensive devices we carry in our pockets. But sma...

» VIDEO: Engineer builds 'snowball machine gun'
05/02/16 08:28 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
BBC Click's Nick Kwek looks at some of the best of the week's technology news

» Top talking points from the week's technology news
05/02/16 07:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Elon Musk lashes out over Tesla criticism, YouTube creators react badly to the Fine Bros, Alphabet overtakes Apple and more The sight of billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk tangling with a blogger might sound like a sulky Goliath throwing h...

» Brace yourself for a cyber-tsunami – the six biggest waves of change about to hit the world
05/02/16 07:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Author Alec Ross looks at how robots, genomics and big data are going to change our lives forever As a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, Alec Ross travelled the world with the remit of cataloguing the best examples of innovation the hum...

» Chatterbox: Friday
05/02/16 07:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The place to talk about games and other things that matter It’s Friday! Continue reading...

» ‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6
05/02/16 06:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s been repaired by a third party. But there’s no warning and no fix Thousands of iPhone 6 users claim they have been left holding almost worthless phones beca...

» Facebook brings the world three-and-a-bit degrees of separation closer
05/02/16 03:48 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The social media platform used its friend graph to calculate the degrees separating its 1.6 billion members and found it is as few as 3.57 people It’s a smaller world after all: Facebook has challenged the conventional wisdom that there ...

» Airbnb pays Paris €1.2m in tourist taxes
05/02/16 02:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Online rental website hands over first instalment after striking agreement with city authorities to collect levy on each night’s stay The accommodation rental web platform Airbnb – which last year agreed to start charging users in Paris ...

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