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» On the road: Citroën DS5 – car review
05/09/15 04:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘Lighten up about the terrible visibility, and there is fun to be had in the upper gears’ They call it “ink blue”; I call it indigo. The DS5 has sharp, aggressive styling at the front, and it has separated itself from its Citroë...

» Why is Apple customers' appetite for its products insatiable?
04/09/15 17:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Apple’s latest launch event next week is unlikely to surprise – the real conundrum is how the company convinces people to keep on buying “Siri, give us a hint,” said Apple’s invitation to its media event next Wednesday . But few needed a...

» Car sales surge 10% in August to highest level in eight years
04/09/15 16:56 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Growth beats expectations, extending record run of rising sales to 42 months, with demand for hybrids and electric cars up by half Poor weather in August might have dampened high street clothes sales but it seems to have triggered a stam...

» Hacked Jeep USB update criticised
04/09/15 16:44 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Security researchers criticise Fiat Chrysler for posting a USB stick with a software update on it to customers in the US.

» When people say Nicholas Fraser's vine isn't the best of 2015: why you always lyin'?
04/09/15 15:37 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
It’s had more than 16 million loops, but why is a vine sung to the tune of Next’s Too Close an internet hit? Because, ironically, it speaks the truth Along with Blackstreet’s No Diggity and Boyz II Men’s End of the Road , it was one of t...

» VIDEO: Dutch start-up mixes work and wine
04/09/15 15:00 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Short on money but big on ideas, a Dutch start-up company has found a novel way to save money on rent while occupying a prime position in the heart of Amsterdam.

» Stella Creasy outs internet trolls in YouTube video clip
04/09/15 14:32 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Labour deputy leadership candidate reads out some of the offensive messages sent to her during her campaign The Labour deputy leadership candidate Stella Creasy has responded to internet trolls by releasing a video in which she reads out...

» Have smartwatches finally had the injection of style they need?
04/09/15 14:14 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
New collection launched at IFA trade show in Berlin shows improved designs that better mirror traditional watches rather than ‘geek-gear’ Smartwatches are still a technology niche loved by a few early adopters, but considered ugly, expen...

» Arrest after drone disrupts US Open
04/09/15 13:41 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A teacher in New York is arrested on charges of flying and crashing a drone into a row of empty seats during a tennis match at the US Open, police say.

» US justice department cracks down on mobile phone surveillance
04/09/15 13:32 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
New rules require federal law enforcement officials to get search warrant before using ‘Stingray’ tracking technology, tricking phones to believe it’s a cell tower American federal law enforcement officials will be required to get a sear...

» Facebook offers education software
04/09/15 13:31 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Facebook is taken steps in to the educational market, supporting a radical new approach to the curriculum

» How the duck army stormed the internet
04/09/15 13:06 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
What happens when you post a video of screaming duck toys on the internet? For the first episode of Guardian Tech’s new podcast Updog we spoke to the creator of the viral duck army video and discovered a horrying truth The hottest thing ...

» Tech Weekly presents Updog; Duck Army - podcast
04/09/15 12:34 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
In our new podcast dedicated to the biggest viral video, meme or internet cultural quirk Alex and Elena talk to the man behind The Duck Army All hail our duck overlords! The video is short and sweet, but that hasn't stopped it from takin...

» Man takes to the skies in world-first pentacontakaitetracopter
04/09/15 12:28 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
YouTuber gasturbine101 flies in a 54-rotor homemade vehicle Stop the search: the greatest Briton in history has been found – sitting astride a makeshift helicopter comprised of 54 drone rotors dressed like one of Monty Python’s Gumbies. ...

» Teacher charged over drone crash at US Open
04/09/15 11:32 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Daniel Verley, 26, arrested after drone crashed in Louis Armstrong stadium during Flavia Pennetta win over Monica Niculescu A teacher from New York has been arrested for allegedly crashing a drone into an empty section of seats at the US...

» US mobile phone tracking curtailed
04/09/15 10:52 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
US law enforcement agencies must now apply for a warrant to use fake mobile phone towers to track criminals.

» Who runs Hollywood? Google has an answer, but it's not a good one
04/09/15 09:07 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Search engine’s ‘direct answers’ service pulls in information from antisemitic conspiracy theories With its “direct answers” service, search engine Google aims to cut down on the amount of time users spend seeking information by algorith...

» Halo and Football Manager developers behind new War Child games project
04/09/15 08:51 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Studios behind some of the biggest games in the world are set to create games for new compilation marking 20th anniversary of charity’s classic Help album Major video game developers around the world are set to collaborate on a compilati...

» VIDEO: High speed broadband targets rural areas
04/09/15 08:28 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
In rural Britain, access to the internet remains a struggle so locals are finding other means of improving its broadband

» Extra screen time 'hits GCSE grades'
04/09/15 08:20 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
An extra hour of television, internet or computer game time in Year 10 is linked with poorer grades at GCSE, Cambridge University research suggests.

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