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» On the road: Honda Civic Type R – car review
10/10/15 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘It is insanely powerful. I felt like the Hulk bursting out of his shirt’ In my day, a Honda Civic looked like the car you would drive if you were going on an IT training course in Milton Keynes and wanted to fit in: reliable, characterl...

» Twitter looks to cut jobs and regain momentum – report
09/10/15 23:03 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Engineering staff likely to be most affected by layoffs following Jack Dorsey’s appointment as permanent chief executive, claims Re/code Twitter is planning company-wide layoffs next week, technology news website Re/code reported on Frid...

» Cinemas must 'drastically improve' or lose audiences, says Christopher Nolan
09/10/15 19:14 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Interstellar director tells festival audience about the importance of using real film, as opposed to digital technology Cinema chains need to drastically improve the experience they offer to customers or the next generation of moviegoers...

» Netgear router exploit detected
09/10/15 17:13 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A flaw in thousands of Netgear routers has been exploited by hackers, according to a security researcher.

» Tech companies like Facebook not above the law, says Max Schrems
09/10/15 15:42 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Austrian student who took on Facebook over data privacy in the European court of justice and won says the fightback is just beginning The EU’s safe harbour ruling is a “puzzle piece in the fight against mass surveillance, and a huge blow...

» The Great British meme off - Tech Weekly presents Updog podcast
09/10/15 14:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
In the wake of the big cultural event that was Bake Off we celebrate the human meme that is Nadiya Hussein The Bake Off final is the biggest TV event of the year. And these days, it's also the biggest thing on the internet in the UK. So ...

» VIDEO: 4K camera films drone-like video
09/10/15 14:07 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The Chinese drone-maker DJI unveils a camera-on-a-stick that captures the kind of smooth video typically associated with drones.

» US groups want Experian hack probed
09/10/15 13:02 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Campaigners have questioned whether a hack at credit report company Experian could extend to 200 million customers.

» Caleb Bratayley's death is not a mystery – online sleuths should stand down
09/10/15 12:32 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The 13-year-old YouTuber’s sudden death has led to much speculation – yet more evidence that internet detectivism rarely ends well Caleb Logan Bratayley – real name Caleb LeBlanc – was the eldest child of the Bratayley family , based in ...

» Pre-roll ads come to Twitter videos
09/10/15 12:23 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Twitter users will have to watch pre-roll advertising on videos, thanks to a new service on the platform.

» Can Tesla downshift from $130,000 SUVs to mass market electric cars?
09/10/15 11:13 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
After unveiling the luxury Model X, Elon Musk’s company has a big challenge ahead as it aims for a bigger audience with its Model 3, promised for 2017 On 21 September, Tesla’s chief executive and founder, Elon Musk, used all the tricks i...

» Trendspotting: early-access games to play now
09/10/15 11:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Some are underdeveloped, but others are fun even in their unfinished state Survival games are in vogue, and there are plenty in early-access, with zombie survival game DayZ a successful example. Currently popular is ARK: Survival Evolved...

» Forza 6: all the thrills and spills of driving in the wet
09/10/15 10:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Forza 6 takes simulation of the racing track to a new level as players grapple with aquaplaning “It is like driving down the M1 three metres behind a truck with your wipers switched off. But at 200mph,” explains Allan McNish on the exper...

» Superguns give classic arcade games a new lease of life
09/10/15 10:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Computer gamers looking to relive their memories of space invaders and Pac-Man can now play the original arcade versions at home Playing arcade games on original hardware is the ultimate way to enjoy the arcade experience at home. But th...

» Apple says battery life difference in new iPhones not reflected in 'real-world use'
09/10/15 10:10 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Whether your iPhone processor chip was manufactured by Samsung or TSMC, Apple says battery life will only vary by 2-3% Claims that the battery life of the new iPhones can vary by up to two hours depending on which third-party supplier ma...

» Amazon launches handicraft store
09/10/15 10:06 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The retailer takes on artisan website Etsy with an online store for handmade goods.

» Apple removes adblockers that work on Facebook and other third-party apps
09/10/15 10:02 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Company dumps apps that use potentially dangerous root certificates and VPNs to filter adverts outside of mobile Safari on an iPhone or iPad Apple has started removing some adblockers from its App Store after they rocketed to the top of ...

» Prison Architect review – once you're in, you can't get out
09/10/15 09:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
How difficult could it be to build a jail and keep everyone inside? With this impressively detailed simulation, you’re about to find out In September 2012, the small British games studio Introversion Software made a vital decision. It wo...

» VIDEO: Islamic State prioritise Telegram app to spread propaganda
09/10/15 09:32 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Islamic State has started using the mobile app Telegram as its primary method of distributing propaganda

» Good Jobs: former Apple CEO says company co-founder would have liked new biopic
09/10/15 09:25 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
John Sculley, played by Jeff Daniels in Danny Boyle’s awards-tipped drama, refers to the film as ‘a perfectionist product’ but says it doesn’t show ‘the complete’ picture Former Apple CEO John Sculley has revealed that he thinks Steve Jo...

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