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» Hitchhiking robot dead as cross-country trip cut short by vandals
02/08/15 12:40 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Beloved Hitchbot damaged beyond repair in Philadelphia The kid-sized robot hitchhiked across Canada in 26 days last year A hitchhiking robot that captured the hearts of fans worldwide has met its demise. The Canadian researchers who crea...

» Amazon Studios chief: data isn't everything as retailer looks at big picture
02/08/15 11:30 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
As Seattle-based company rapidly expands TV and movies division, the man in driver’s seat makes it clear that Netflix is not the only game in town When it comes to the rapidly expanding TV and movies division of Seattle-based retailer Am...

» How does it feel to be a ‘grey entrepreneur’?
02/08/15 08:15 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Tech startups are usually seen as a young person’s game, so founding a website in my late 50s has been something of an adventure… Pulling into Old Street underground station in London I can with great accuracy predict who will head for t...

» Mazda MX-5: car review | Martin Love
02/08/15 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Mazda’s lovable MX-5 is the world’s bestselling sports car. And for one injured soldier it has been a lifeline… Price £18,495 MPG 47.1 Top speed 127mph In the footwell of the seat I’m strapped into is a sign that reads: “If the dri...

» It’s fast, global, engaged and influential – so why isn’t Twitter flying?
01/08/15 15:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
While Facebook and Snapchat soar, the most immediate social media channel in the world has many experts worried How many tech companies are saddled with the problem of enjoying global fame but struggling with lacklustre performance? Not ...

» How Google quietly revved up its very own car company
01/08/15 11:30 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal the tech giant created Google Auto LLC to help develop its self-driving cars even as it courted big car makers Google has set up its own car company. The tech giant has flirted with major car fir...

» Is the Asian tech boom about to bust?
01/08/15 11:10 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Optimism and concern at HK's tech conference

» Ex-boss of MtGox bitcoin exchange arrested in Japan over lost $390m
01/08/15 09:12 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
French-born Mark Karpeles held in connection with the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the virtual currency Mark Karpeles, the former head of defunct bitcoin exchange MtGox, has been arrested in Japan, reportedly...

» Right to be forgotten: Swiss cheese internet, or database of ruin?
01/08/15 09:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Posturing over Google and the ‘right to be forgotten’ detracts from larger issues about respect for individuals v overreaching economic rights in digital space Imagine, 25 years ago, someone telling you: we really need to redress this ma...

» Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy
01/08/15 08:44 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
From personalised ads in Solitaire to an address book-reading personal assistant, some users are unhappy with Windows 10’s approach to privacy Windows 10 is under attack over default settings which users say compromise their privacy, jus...

» Bitcoin chief arrested in Japan
01/08/15 07:27 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The founder of MtGox - once the world's biggest bitcoin exchange - is arrested by Japanese police investigating losses of nearly $400m.

» On the road: Skoda Fabia – car review
01/08/15 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘It didn’t set my world on fire. It probably thinks setting things on fire is irresponsible’ I can seriously see the point of the Skoda Fabia. I can’t stand the convention that, as soon as you have a family, you have to start driving som...

» Zuckerbergs' baby announcement immediately upstaged by their dog
31/07/15 23:12 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Beast, a puli, is the newest internet celebrity thanks to his moppy hair and unusual heritage When Pricilla Chan and her husband, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced they are expecting a baby girl , the internet showered them with pr...

» Uber valued at nearly $51bn after latest funding round
31/07/15 21:46 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Online taxi-hailing app raises close to $1bn from investors including Microsoft and Indian media conglomerate Bennett Coleman & Co’s Times Internet Uber Technologies Inc has closed a new round of funding that values the online taxi-h...

» Facebook's Zuckerberg to have child
31/07/15 21:10 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting a baby girl.

» New York village paid ransom to keep its computers running, comptroller says
31/07/15 20:23 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Ilion made payments of $500 and $300 last year after ‘ransomware’ infected municipal computers, while other US towns dealt with similar attacks A village in central New York made ransom payments of $300 and $500 last year to keep its com...

» Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife expecting a baby girl
31/07/15 19:17 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Facebook CEO and his wife Priscilla Chan, who married in 2012, have had three miscarriages, Zuckerberg writes on Facebook page announcing the pregnancy Facebook Inc chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expect...

» Channel 4 renews Humans for second series ahead of season finale
31/07/15 17:50 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Sci-fi show is broadcaster’s most successful drama in 20 years, with audiences engrossed by its depiction of AI and how it could threaten mankind Channel 4 has announced there will be a second series of Humans, its most successful drama ...

» Rise of facial recognition queried
31/07/15 16:54 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A government-related agency in the US has published a report on privacy concerns relating to facial recognition.

» Cyber attack hits RBS and NatWest online customers on payday
31/07/15 15:24 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Banking group says Distributed Denial of Service attack prompted flood of complaints from customers The RBS banking group has revealed it suffered a cyber attack on its online services that left customers struggling to log on for nearly ...

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