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» Apple: what do you do after becoming the world’s most profitable company?
31/01/15 15:01 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Its quarterly results stunned the tech industry – and its Chinese competitors, who have now been eclipsed in their home market. But reaching the financial pinnacle creates some questions – and even problems – of its own When Apple became...

» Saints Row IV: Re-Elected And Gat Out Of Hell review
31/01/15 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC; Deep Silver; £29.97-£43.99 Continue reading...

» On the road: Brompton M3R folding bicycle – review
31/01/15 05:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘It makes a mockery of every other folder I’ve ridden’ Continue reading...

» Philae is hibernating, says European Space Agency as it calls off searches
30/01/15 19:23 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Probe that touched down on comet in November is expected to ‘wake up’ and signal location when its solar panels re-activate in summer Continue reading...

» AOL to close MyDaily and ParentDish
30/01/15 19:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Company scraps women-focused sites in order to focus on key brands such as HuffPost UK, which will double its lifestyle and politics teams Continue reading...

» Apple passes gas firms with record $18bn quarterly profit
30/01/15 18:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Record-setter eclipses previous highs from ExxonMobil and Gazprom Company sold 34,000 iPhones an hour in last quarter of 2014 Continue reading...

» Jay Z bids for music streaming service
30/01/15 17:29 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The Hip hop star could challenge Beats and Spotify with his offer for the HD music service Tidal

» Nokia name row with London start-up
30/01/15 16:59 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Nokia has threatened legal action against a UK start-up over the use of the word "HERE".

» 'A golden shining moment': the true story behind Atari's ET, the worst video game ever
30/01/15 16:41 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Legend has it that millions of copies of Atari’s tie-in with the sci-fi blockbuster were secretly buried in New Mexico after the game was branded a stinker. A new documentary, Atari: Game Over, goes digging for the truth Continue reading...

» BT attacked on rural broadband costs
30/01/15 16:11 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
At least £90m will be reinvested in rural broadband services after an underspend by BT, the BBC learns.

» VIDEO: Talking kids' doll Cayla is hacked
30/01/15 15:41 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Rory Cellan-Jones sees how Cayla, a talking child's doll, can be hacked to say any number of offensive things.

» Google agrees privacy policy changes
30/01/15 13:39 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The firm will roll out a single, rewritten privacy policy across Europe after coming under fire across the continent.

» Angry Birds set sights on Candy Crush with new mobile puzzle games
30/01/15 12:14 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Rovio soft-launches Angry Birds Stella Pop and Angry Birds Fight, with both ditching bird-flinging gameplay for match-three puzzling Continue reading...

» Google Glass is on a strategic 'reset' and eight other things we learned
30/01/15 11:58 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Google missed Wall Street’s revenue expectations, but it revealed people really love watching adverts, claimed credit for the success of The Interview and let people send money via Gmail Continue reading...

» When will gamers understand that criticism isn't censorship?
30/01/15 11:48 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Anita Sarkeesian has announced a new video series looking into masculinity and video games. The hate has already started, but it is misplaced “It’s both possible, and even necessary, to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critica...

» Why the Church of England should praise the Lord for emojis
30/01/15 11:18 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby may not be too keen on social media, but maybe he should embrace the emoji: it’s a brilliant way to communicate emotion Continue reading...

» Flash is dead, and YouTube dealt the killing blow
30/01/15 11:07 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Will anyone miss Flash when it’s gone? Maybe, if these internet hits spark some nostalgia Flash is dead, long live Fl– actually, no, scratch that, Flash really is dead and it deserved to die. Flash is terrible. The killer blows to Adobe’...

» Chatterbox: Friday
30/01/15 10:49 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The place to excitedly discuss the Chatterbox awards Continue reading...

» Jay Z to take on Apple and Spotify by buying streaming music services
30/01/15 10:15 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Star tables bid for Scandinavian firm Aspiro, which hopes a new owner will lift its WiMP and Tidal services ‘to a new level’ Jay Z is set to become the next big digital music mogul, after tabling a $56m bid for Aspiro, the Scandinavian c...

» Hi Mum, sorry about that love-doll bumhole in your Facebook feed
30/01/15 09:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
If the not-safe-for-work post you’re commenting on is public, it may soon be staring your extended family in the eyes Until this week, I didn’t know that you could buy a $15 Balloon Knot modesty cover to plug between the buttocks of your...

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