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Information Technology News UK

» Behind the Screen review – inside the social media sweatshops
18/08/19 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Sarah T Roberts’s vital new study demonstrates how online content moderation is a global industry that operates on the back of human exploitation “All human life is there” used to be the proudest boast of the (mercifully) defunct News of...

» Peugeot 3008: ‘Perfect for the Pyrenees – or the school run’
18/08/19 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Peugeot’s comfortable new SUV offers cycling correspondent Jeremy Whittle a front row seat to all the action at this year’s Tour de France Peugeot 3008 Price £25,395 0-62mph 10.8 seconds Top speed 117mph MPG 68.9 CO2 from 109g/km Eco sco...

» AI can read your emotions. Should it?
17/08/19 15:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Advertisers, tech giants and border forces are using face tracking software to monitor our moods – whether we like it or not It is early July, almost 30C outside, but Mihkel Jäätma is thinking about Christmas. In a co-working space in So...

» The Fortnite coach who helped create teenage millionaires
17/08/19 01:28 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Hugh Gilmour failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup, so has turned to coaching instead.

» Uganda and Zambia rejects Huawei spying allegations
16/08/19 17:19 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Uganda and Zambia reject a report that they used Chinese telecoms firm Huawei to spy on the opposition.

» 'Fake' Amazon ambassadors baited on Twitter
16/08/19 16:58 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Amazon says its warehouse ambassadors are authentic, but critics accuse them of being "paid to lie".

» How many likes for Da Vinci? Why it's fine to take pictures in an art gallery
16/08/19 15:13 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Photographs used to be banned in exhibitions – now they’re encouraged. So why do some people get so snobby about them? While I was studying art history, my tutor once advised the class that when you want to take photos in a gallery, it’s...

» Meadowhall shoppers scanned in facial recognition trial
16/08/19 15:00 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The owner of Sheffield's Meadowhall centre says data was "immediately deleted" after the trial.

» Hundreds of Google employees urge company to resist support for Ice
16/08/19 14:37 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Petition demands that the company not provide any technical services to US immigration agencies, citing ‘system of abuse’ Tech giant Google is facing a demand from hundreds of employees for an assurance that it will not bid on a governme...

» Privacy campaigners warn of UK facial recognition 'epidemic'
16/08/19 11:49 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Investigation uncovers widespread use in museums and shopping centres Privacy campaigners have warned of an “epidemic” of facial recognition use in shopping centres, museums, conference centres and other private spaces around the UK. An ...

» Google Play app store accused of anti-gay bias
16/08/19 11:44 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Social app Hornet says Google moderators in Malaysia targeted its app several times.

» Home Office role in 'Woke' Muslim social network revealed
16/08/19 10:26 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The network on Facebook and Instagram helps combat online radicalisation, says Home Office.

» Sega Genesis at 30: the console that made the modern games industry
16/08/19 10:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
In 1989, the machine the rest of the world called the Mega Drive was launched in the US with a new name and a bold new idea: that gaming could be cool The US launch of the Sega Genesis, on 14 August 1989, probably didn’t seem like a huge...

» Robotic Buddhist priest joins temple and other news
16/08/19 09:04 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at some of the week’s best technology stories.

» Jimmy Kimmel show fined $395,000 over alert joke
16/08/19 08:54 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! mocked an emergency presidential alert issued to warn of major threats.

» Huawei boss: UK 'won't say no to us' over 5G rollout
16/08/19 07:01 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Ren Zhengfei confident of UK deal with Chinese company, but security concerns remain The founder and chief executive of Huawei has said Britain “won’t say no to us” over the Chinese firm’s involvement in the rollout of 5G mobile internet...

» Honor 20 Pro review: it’s all about the camera
16/08/19 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The best camera in the mid-range market, backed by good performance and long battery life The Honor 20 Pro is the new flagship phone for Huawei’s cheaper offshoot, offering some of what made the Chinese firm the camera master but at £550...

» Eurofins Scientific: Cyber-attack leads to backlog of 20,000 forensic samples
16/08/19 04:44 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Police warn of delays to investigations and court cases after the attack led to a backlog of 20,000 samples.

» Instagram to let US users report false content
16/08/19 02:01 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Facebook-owned company seeking to stem spread of misinformation by removing dubious posts from searches Instagram is adding an option for users to report posts they think are false, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing site has announced, as...

» 'How I lost £25,000 when my cryptocurrency was stolen'
15/08/19 23:14 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Investing in digital currencies is fraught with danger, not just because the prices are so volatile.

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