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Information Technology News UK

» UK seeks to secure smart home gadgets
15/10/18 11:45 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Makers of small, smart home gadgets will be encouraged to do more to protect them against hack attacks

» Snapchat adds selfie filters for cats
15/10/18 11:36 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Snapchat's augmented-reality selfie filters now work on cats.

» Bloodhound supersonic car hits financial roadblock
15/10/18 09:29 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The UK-led supersonic car project goes into administration. There are just weeks to save the venture.

» The Fox by Frederick Forsyth – digested read
14/10/18 16:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘The boy beat the Koreans with a few lines of computer code that no one else in the world could have thought of’ Under the cover of darkness, a secret unit of the SAS, called the secret unit of the SAS and known only to two men in the en...

» Don't believe the World Bank – robots will steal our wages
14/10/18 11:39 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Automation will bring growth, but history tells us labour’s share of national income will decline The World Bank has a reassuring message for those fearful of being made obsolete by automation. The robot age is nothing to be worried abou...

» What next for photography in the age of Instagram?
14/10/18 09:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
In our image-propelled social media era, some photographers fear for the future of the art, while others are galvanised by it. As technology increasingly shapes how we see and share the world, how is photography changing in response? In ...

» Can-Am Ryker: 'A hell of a lot of trike for your money'
14/10/18 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Dirtch the denim and crystal tips, this is a trike that’s brilliant fun and is set to break the trend barrier Can-Am Ryker Price £8,699, Looking like a Transformer crossed with a luxed-up ride-on lawnmower, the Ryker is th...

» MP demands Met police explain why Brexit inquiry dropped
14/10/18 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Damian Collins says Scotland Yard must explain failure to look into potential crimes committed by three pro-Brexit groups A senior Conservative MP has demanded that Scotland Yard urgently explain why it has not opened a criminal investig...

» Social media moderators: Blur your eyes
14/10/18 01:26 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Why one content moderator couldn't shake hands for three years after she left her job.

» Citizen journalists – the fighters on the frontline against Russia’s attacks
13/10/18 18:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
We can no longer count on our governments to protect us from a tide of disinformation. Our security rests in the hands of open source intelligence, as pioneered by Bellingcat When the story of 2018 is told, historians may be hard pressed...

» Google to shut down Google+ after failing to disclose user data leak
12/10/18 23:39 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Company didn’t disclose leak for months to avoid a public relations headache and potential regulatory enforcement This March, as Facebook was coming under global scrutiny over the harvesting of personal data for Cambridge Analytica , Goo...

» Is it the end of the supermarket checkout till?
12/10/18 23:12 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
M&S is the latest shop to test a "scan and go" app, meaning shoppers don't need to use a till.

» Twitter and Salesforce CEOs bicker over who is helping the homeless more
12/10/18 21:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘How much have you given’ Marc Benioff asked Jack Dorsey as the two sparred over proposed tax to assist those on the streets The CEOs of two of the world’s most prominent tech companies got into an online spat on Friday over who was doin...

» Facebook says 14m accounts had personal data stolen in recent breach
12/10/18 20:14 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Hackers were able to access name, birthdate and other data in nearly half of the 30 million accounts that were affected Facebook has revealed 30m accounts were affected in a data breach last month. The company said hackers were able to a...

» Why tech’s gender problem is nothing new
12/10/18 19:33 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Decades after women were pushed out of programming, Amazon’s AI recruiting technology carried on the industry’s legacy of bias A recent report revealed Amazon’s AI recruiting technology developed a bias against women because it was train...

» Elon Musk says 'Teslaquila' is 'coming soon' as Tesla files trademark
12/10/18 17:50 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Billionaire tweets ‘visual approximation’ of bottle as company applies to use the name for tequila branded after the electric cars Elon Musk is hitting the bottle – well, probably. Tesla has trademarked “Teslaquila”, a tequila branded af...

» Wales' 5G advisory group criticised for being all men
12/10/18 16:06 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The appointment of eight men to the expert panel for Wales faced a backlash on Twitter.

» Tech suffers from lack of humanities, says Mozilla head
12/10/18 15:22 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Mitchell Baker says firms should hire philosophy and psychology graduates to tackle misinformation Technology companies need to diversify their hiring practices to include more people from backgrounds in philosophy and psychology if they...

» Humanoid 'rescue robot' learns parkour
12/10/18 14:45 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Atlas, a humanoid robot by tech firm Boston Dynamics, has learned the art of parkour.

» Digital contraceptives and period trackers: the rise of femtech
12/10/18 14:34 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
With market predicted to be worth $50bn by 2025, is women’s health no longer being overlooked by tech? Digital contraceptive techniques have been on the receiving end of bad press recently after Swedish company Natural Cycles was describ...

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