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Information Technology News UK

» Tech giants team up to fight extremism following cries that they allow terrorism
26/06/17 19:24 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft announced Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism to focus on solutions, research and partnerships Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft have created a joint forum to counter terrorism follo...

» Amazon patents beehive-like structure to house delivery drones in cities
26/06/17 18:42 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
New centers would allow Amazon to shift away from traditional large single-story warehouses that temporarily store packages before they are shipped If Amazon has its way, cities around the US will have vertical drone centers shaped like ...

» If it quacks like a duck … will a car horn be less annoying?
26/06/17 12:48 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Experts in South Korea think they have found a less irritating way to express your frustration with fellow motorists. Well, it beats flipping them the bird At the risk of sounding like Michael Gove , I think the problem with experts is t...

» UK energy industry cyber-attack fears are 'off the scale'
26/06/17 11:48 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Sector says current threat coming to the fore because of trend towards decentralised power plants Concern over the threat posed by cyber-attacks on power stations and electricity grids is “off the scale” in the UK energy sector, accordin...

» Russia targets Telegram app after St Petersburg bombing
26/06/17 11:46 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A suicide bomber who killed 15 people in St Petersburg used the messaging app, officials say.

» Gmail to end ad-targeting email scans
26/06/17 11:37 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Privacy groups cautiously welcome Google's pledge to end scans of Gmail messages to personalise ads.

» From braille to Be My Eyes – there's a revolution happening in tech for the blind
26/06/17 11:06 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Apps are linking visually impaired people to sighted volunteers as assistive technology enters a new era of connectivity “Connected to other part,” my iPhone says to me as I stand somewhere in London’s Soho, trying to decipher the letter...

» 'Moms are persona non grata': are tech startups hostile to working mothers?
26/06/17 11:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
From all-nighters at the office to insensitive male coworkers, working mothers and mothers-to-be often describe the tech world as hostile to their needs Sara Mauskopf was nine months pregnant and about to go on maternity leave, when her ...

» Player protests force change on GTA V mod kit
26/06/17 10:37 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Complaints, negative reviews, and petitions make GTA's publisher end legal action over a popular game add-on

» Why lionfish are being hunted by robots in Bermuda
26/06/17 10:11 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Bermuda is using robot technology to control the population of venomous lionfish.

» How to unlock Harry Potter Easter eggs on social media
26/06/17 10:03 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
It's 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone came out.

» Google will stop scanning content of personal emails
26/06/17 09:39 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Company did read emails in personal Gmail accounts to target users with tailored adverts but said it would stop Google will stop scanning the content of emails sent by Gmail users in an attempt to reassure business customers of the confi...

» Hyperlane: A special lane for self-driving vehicles
26/06/17 07:08 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A US company is proposing special lanes on roads purely for self-driving vehicles.

» Chatterbox: Monday
26/06/17 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The place to talk about games and other things that matter It’s Monday! Continue reading...

» Ohio sites hacked with IS message
26/06/17 04:53 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Governor John Kasich's site is one of those attacked, posting a threat to President Donald Trump.

» Parliament cyber-attack hits fewer than 90 email accounts
25/06/17 16:02 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Spokesman says number affected is less than many feared but that investigation is under way into potential data loss Fewer than 90 email accounts belonging to peers and MPs are believed to have been hacked by an orchestrated cyber-attack...

» Parliament cyber-attack 'hit up to 90 users'
25/06/17 16:01 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Fewer than 1% of 9,000 parliamentary accounts were affected, says the House of Commons.

» Games reviews roundup: Star Ocean; Star Trek: Bridge Crew; The Fidelio Incident
25/06/17 07:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
A classic RPG returns in digital glory while Star Trek and Beethoven inspire exciting quests PS4, Square Enis, cert 12 ★★★★ Continue reading...

» Hot day? Just step away from the phone… | Barbara Ellen
24/06/17 23:05 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
When the sun is shining, this particular worker bee is definitely out of the office Observant readers may have noticed that it has been quite warm. Yet strangely, as I was scurrying from one patch of shade to another, trying to stop my i...

» Toyota CH-R car review: ‘The most over-designed vehicle I’ve come across’
24/06/17 10:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
No door handle is in a regular place, no window is a regular shape Really, though, why do you want a small family SUV? What’s wrong with a regular family saloon or, for anyone without a big hobby, a hot hatch? Is it like that thing where...

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