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» Is it last orders for restaurants?
26/06/16 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
A wave of new internet startups aim to do for eating out what Airbnb did for travel accommodation and Uber for taxis, with diners eating in chefs’ own homes Last weekend, with a certain amount of trepidation, I made a booking with a webs...

» Maserati Quattroporte: car review | Martin Love
26/06/16 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The great Italian marque has turned out a slick and economical luxury limo. It’s so good you could almost get suspicious… Price: £69,560 Top speed: 190mph 0-62mph: 4.7 seconds CO 2 : 163g/km MPG: 45.6 “This is the coolest job in the worl...

» Boardman Road Pro Carbon: bike preview | Martin Love
26/06/16 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
A great all-round road bike that will flatter your skills and save your pockets Chris Boardman, MBE, sometimes known as the Bike Prof for his masterly attention to detail, relaunched his eponymous range at the start of this year. As you ...

» China launches new carrier rocket amid ambitious space program
26/06/16 00:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Long March-7 two-stage rocket is expected to become the main carrier for China’s future space missions China blasted off its Long March-7 new generation carrier rocket on a successful inaugural voyage on Saturday from a new launch centre...

» From Berlin to Barcelona; will Airbnb ruin our most loved cities?
25/06/16 23:05 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The accommodation website has become so successful that hotels are losing business and tourist sites face being ruined To use the industry jargon, it is the ultimate “disruptor”. Airbnb, the website that allows homeowners around the worl...

» Facebook and YouTube use automation to remove extremist videos, sources say
25/06/16 15:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Video-sharing websites are taking down Isis videos and other violent propaganda with technology used to remove copyright-protected material Some of the web’s biggest destinations for watching videos have quietly started using automation ...

» Toyota Prius car review - ‘I hurtled like a country driver in this goody-two-shoes of the road’
25/06/16 10:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
I expect to find myself overstepping the 30mph mark in a cheeky Mazda, but not in this It is commonplace to remark that the Toyota Prius surprises pedestrians by sneaking up on them when they, in their bovine 20th-centuriness, are still ...

» Death by GPS: are satnavs changing our brains?
25/06/16 09:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
We increasingly rely on GPS to get from A to B. But what happens if we’re led catastrophically astray – and are we losing our sense of direction? One early morning in March 2011, Albert Chretien and his wife, Rita, loaded their Chevrolet...

» Look, no hands! On the autobahn in Audi's driverless car
25/06/16 05:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Engineers testing driver-free vehicles say aggressive driving and road rage could become a thing of the past. But are their cars any fun? Giving up the controls was as breathtakingly simple as touching two turquoise coloured buttons belo...

» Zuckerberg and Obama discuss startups, 'nerd cool' and Brexit at conference
24/06/16 21:52 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The president called startups ‘the upside of an interconnected world’ when he joined founders at Stanford University for an entrepreneurship conference Friday To hear Barack Obama tell it, if the UK’s vote to leave the European Union rep...

» Privacy Shield: White House makes EU spying promise
24/06/16 17:12 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The EU and US agree final changes to a new data protection agreement known as the EU-US Privacy Shield.

» Brexit: UK tech sector reacts to Leave vote
24/06/16 15:48 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Now the UK has decided to leave the European Union, technology firms are left to wonder what the future holds.

» British tech firms eye relocation after Brexit vote
24/06/16 15:19 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘Headquartering elsewhere is now a possibility’, says TransferWise boss, as loss of talent and regulatory uncertainty rear their heads Brexit has left the UK’s technology industry reassessing its position, with major firms putting expans...

» Alphabet unveils robot dog capable of cleaning the house
24/06/16 13:11 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Robotic-canine housebot designed to take care the domestic chores takes one step on four legs closer to reality with new SpotMini Google’s holding company, Alphabet, has a new robotic dog from its Atlas-making Boston Dynamics subsidiary ...

» First successful ship-to-shore drone delivery takes place in New Jersey
24/06/16 12:44 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Delivery of medical supplies to inaccessible locations during relief efforts could see ships deploy armies of drones ferrying supplies to and from shore A drone successfully delivered medical supplies to the New Jersey coastline straight...

» Uber to 'hide' surge pricing notifications
24/06/16 11:57 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Uber says it will hide surge pricing notifications for more users to make its app less "complicated".

» We Happy Few – the indie game about Britain that couldn't be more relevant
24/06/16 11:28 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Fancy a thriller about a dystopian UK being destroyed by a vast group hallucination? The timing of this intriguing black comedy that won E3 perhaps couldn’t be better There’s always one game at E3 that proves, counter to the general them...

» Brexit: 'Surge' in searches on Irish passports, says Google
24/06/16 10:55 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Google says there was a large spike in searches for Irish passport applications as news of the UK's decision to leave the EU broke.

» The Joy of Six: sports video games we wish would make a comeback
24/06/16 10:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
From EA Sports’ NCAA Football to the classic Tecmo Bowl, we run down half a dozen classic sports video game console franchises For football nerds, it was a new Star Wars sequel every July. You cleared your datebook for the day it dropped...

» Snap, swipe, like
24/06/16 09:09 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
How are fashion retailers responding to the world of smartphones and social media?

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