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Information Technology News UK

» Social media data shared by spy agencies
17/10/17 17:23 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Details about the data being collected by GCHQ have emerged at a tribunal about surveillance legality.

» Adobe patches Flash bug used for planting spying tools
17/10/17 16:42 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Kaspersky discovered that Flash files were being embedded in Word documents to deliver spyware.

» US civic groups urge Amazon tax pledge: 'We expect you to pay your fair share'
17/10/17 15:43 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Plans to open second headquarters, dubbed HQ2, spark bidding frenzy Open letter demands Amazon be transparent about tax breaks it receives As US cities throw billions in tax breaks and build war rooms to strategize on how best to lure Am...

» Alphabet tests Project Wing drones by delivering burritos and medicine
17/10/17 15:16 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Google’s parent company drops takeaway food and also medication into back gardens in rural Australia as project enters new phase Google parent Alphabet has begun a new phase of testing its hybrid drones, dubbed Project Wing, by deliverin...

» 'First 5G mobile net connection' claimed by Qualcomm
17/10/17 15:13 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Qualcomm says it has achieved 1Gbps internet speeds using a 5G chip on a mobile device.

» AI used to detect breast cancer risk
17/10/17 13:42 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Machine learning is being used to spot whether breast lesions are cancerous or not.

» Patent battle pits iPod father v Android creator
17/10/17 13:01 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A start-up funded by Tony Fadell is suing a smartphone-maker led by Andy Rubin.

» Google Pixel 2 XL review: the best big-screened Android experience yet
17/10/17 13:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The fastest and smoothest Google Android device has a cracking camera, squeezable sides, great battery life and baked-in AI Google’s direct challenger to the iPhone 8 Plus and upcoming iPhone X is the Pixel 2 XL, and you may be blown awa...

» UK spy agencies may be circumventing data-sharing law, tribunal told
17/10/17 12:24 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Challenge brought by Privacy International alleges MI5 and MI6 data-sharing regimes and legal oversight system are illegal MI5 and MI6 may be circumventing legal safeguards when they share bulk datasets with foreign intelligence services...

» Facebook is buying anonymous teen compliments app TBH
17/10/17 11:34 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
App that avoids bullying behaviour by offering pre-checked questions is latest popular social-media app owned by company after 1bn messages were sent Facebook has acquired TBH, an app that allows teens to send anonymous compliments to ea...

» Google removes cupcake calorie counter from Maps
17/10/17 11:08 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Feature showed users how many calories they would burn if they walked to destination.

» iPhone X: how to sell your old device in preparation for Apple's new release
17/10/17 10:25 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Apple’s hotly anticipated smartphone is coming in November and selling your existing iPhone is one way of paying for it. But timing is everything The iPhone X is coming soon, and if you want to be able to afford it, you have three option...

» Australia launches revenge porn reporting tool
17/10/17 07:03 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
One in five Australians have been victims of image-based abuse, but very few report the offence.

» High speed camera uses 1,000 frames per second
16/10/17 23:21 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The camera that can process images faster than the eye can see.

» Drones used to spot sharks in Australia
16/10/17 23:11 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Drones become the latest weapon to protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks.

» Daimler recalls 400,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in the UK
16/10/17 21:35 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
More than a million vehicles worldwide are being recalled over a potential airbag safety issue.

» UK TV drama about North Korea hit by cyber-attack
16/10/17 17:20 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The TV series Opposite Number was cancelled following a cyber-attack in 2014.

» Anita Sarkeesian: ‘It’s frustrating to be known as the woman who survived #Gamergate’
16/10/17 15:05 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The critic was viciously targeted by trolls after speaking out about sexist tropes in video games. She explains how she is still fighting to change the industry and writing a book celebrating women overlooked by history It has been five ...

» Huawei Mate 10 uses AI to distinguish cats from dogs
16/10/17 14:16 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Huawei Mate 10 handsets use a new type of processor to recognise objects being photographed.

» Krack wi-fi security flaw explained
16/10/17 14:01 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A major flaw in wi-fi connections has been revealed by security researchers.

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