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» Why is my iPad typing text by itself?
18/12/14 14:30 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Lorna was typing an email on her iPad when someone or something else started entering text. Has her security been compromised? The other day I was composing an email to a friend, using my iPad with my BT email account. When I paused, I w...

» Sony Pictures hack - whodunnit?
18/12/14 14:20 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Is North Korea the most obvious suspect?

» Valve limits sales of Russian games
18/12/14 13:21 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The plunging value of the Russian rouble has led game maker Valve to impose limits on its online store.

» North Korea probably not behind Sony Pictures hack, says cyber security expert - video
18/12/14 13:11 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Caroline Baylon, a research associate in cyber security at Chatham House, discusses why the North Korean government was probably not behind the hack of Sony Pictures. The company has now cancelled the Christmas release of a film at the c...

» Windows browser choice system ends
18/12/14 13:09 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
A requirement for Microsoft to offer new Windows users in Europe a choice of web browsers has ended after five years

» Beyond Tetris: a brief history of patriotic video gaming in Russia
18/12/14 12:45 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Retro favourite Tetris might be Russia’s best known games export, but a closer look at the industry finds a creative powerhouse that has mirrored the country’s politics for decades. The Calvert Journal reports Continue reading...

» Job ad error confirms European launch of Apple Pay
18/12/14 12:09 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Introduction of mobile wallet and online payment system outside the US revealed by search for London-based intern Apple has inadvertently confirmed that its mobile wallet and online payment system, Apple Pay, is coming to Europe by posti...

» Snapchat boss tearful at Sony hack
18/12/14 11:59 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel left "devastated" as plans for his messaging app are leaked as part of the Sony Pictures hack.

» Sky News journalists to give evidence at inquest of alleged internet troll
18/12/14 11:53 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Brenda Leyland was found dead after she featured in Sky News report about abuse of Madeleine McCann’s parents Continue reading...

» Sony hack: the plot to kill The Interview – a timeline so far
18/12/14 11:35 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
As Sony Pictures pull their planned home entertainment release of The Interview, as well as theatrical, and the FBI suggests North Korea may well be behind the IT hack, we look back over how events have played out so far FBI to link Nort...

» Chinese Android phones contain in-built hacker 'backdoor'
18/12/14 11:22 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Smartphones made by Coolpad on sale in Britain and the US have a major security flaw that lets hackers steal private data Smartphones from a major Chinese manufacturer have a security flaw that was deliberately introduced and allows hack...

» Gamers and sportsfans share the same strange zealotry
18/12/14 11:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Obsession, tribalism and hours spent in isolation in front of a screen - a trip to the launch of NBA 2k15 reveals two groups with plenty in common Continue reading...

» A guide to the Sony Pictures hack
18/12/14 10:10 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
What we know about the devastating hack that hit Sony

» Scissr dating app: the new Tinder for lesbians?
18/12/14 10:01 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
It’s the latest dating app for women seeking women, but what’s the app, named after a lesbian sex position, all about? It’s being tipped as the lesbian equivalent of Grindr , but “classier”, a dating app “for lesbians, by lesbians”: intr...

» Glitch reveals Apprentice finalists
18/12/14 09:42 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The names of the finalists for this year's series of The Apprentice are apparently revealed ahead of time due to a glitch on the show's website.

» Driverless cars: a retrospective from the year 2035 on what went wrong – video
18/12/14 09:03 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
A look back from the year 2035 back at what was once seen as the pinnacle of automotive utopia – the self-driving car. Seen as as ultimate in tech innovation, traditional car makers were overtaken by Google in the battle for some 'hands-...

» VIDEO: How to pay for goods in a heartbeat
18/12/14 08:53 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
The wearable technology which could change the way you pay for goods and services.

» Mobile deal to reduce 'not-spots'
18/12/14 08:47 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Agreement is reached between the government and the country's biggest mobile networks to improve coverage across the UK.

» Snapchat CEO 'devastated' at Sony leak, but were tech sites right to report it? Open thread
18/12/14 07:30 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Have your say on Evan Spiegel’s internal memo, as well as VAT on apps, Reddit bans, Netflix offline viewing and more Evan Spiegel is not a happy man. Snapchat’s chief executive is furious, in fact, after some previously-unreported acquis...

» Chatterbox: Thursday
18/12/14 07:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The place to talk about games and other things that matter Continue reading...

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