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» TV networks battle new media threat as Facebook looms over ad war
01/05/16 12:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Hulu, Vice and other new media services are preparing to gather in New York for this year’s NewFronts, as Facebook and Google watch ad dollars pour in Television executives have cause to be scared: though they’ve survived at least eight ...

» The future for shooters in VR gaming
01/05/16 06:59 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Gunplay is a vital part of video games, but how will it work in virtual reality? I was 11 years old when Jonathan Cott first brought a gun to school. It was bright red, or maybe dark blue – colours tend to fade first in the memory – and ...

» Six of the best Wi-Fi speakers
01/05/16 06:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
They’re the best way to listen to music streamed through – or stored on – our phones. But which speakers are easiest to use, and which offer the best sound quality? We put six to the test £499; five amp drivers, 250W total output; AirPla...

» Jamie, Nadiya and Instagram’s big stars: who’s who in the new list of food’s top 50
01/05/16 05:34 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The new list of Britain’s 50 most influential foodies features plenty of tech-savvy newcomers but supermarket bosses and familiar names are still very much in evidence The UK food scene is increasingly dominated by social media stars, he...

» Humanoid diving robot hunts for sunken treasure in French shipwreck
30/04/16 20:42 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
‘Robo-mermaid’ able to reach depths too dangerous for human divers retrieves vase from wreck of Louis XIV’s flagship Robotics scientists at the US’s Stanford University have achieved a remarkable first: they have successfully sent an aut...

» Are slow iPhone sales just a blip or is Apple starting to struggle?
30/04/16 14:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The volatile market in China, the urgency for a new product, and slumping phone sales are combining to create serious problems for the tech company Self-made billionaire investor Carl Icahn is known for his very vocal endorsements and cr...

» Skoda Superb Estate car review – ‘It looks like a cartoon character with a friendly moustache’
30/04/16 10:00 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
This made me immediately like it, and I didn’t stop There’s something about the exterior of the Skoda Superb estate, the curve of its nose and the shape of its grill, that makes it look like a cartoon character with a friendly ...

» An end to ‘bill shock’ as EU mobile roaming charges are slashed
30/04/16 09:25 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
New rules that slash roaming charges for using mobile phones in other European countries have come into effect Controversial roaming charges holidaymakers pay to use their mobile phones in another European country will come down dramatic...

» Email Debt Forgiveness Day: whittle down your inbox without the apologies
29/04/16 23:32 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
If you’re one of those people who have been putting off responding to messages and are feeling the burden of guilt, here’s your quick chance to make amends “Adulthood is emailing ‘sorry for the delayed response!’ back and forth until one...

» Supreme court grants FBI massive expansion of powers to hack computers
29/04/16 21:02 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Intelligence committee senator said he plans to introduce bill to block expansion to ‘rule 41’ on warrants for suspects who hide their location, set for December FBI demands new powers to hack into computers and carry out surveillance Th...

» How much?! Snapchat interns earn $10,000 a month, twice the average US worker
29/04/16 19:14 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Tech firms such as Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter are paying summer interns as much as $10,000 a month plus benefits, double the average US national wage Snapchat pays summer interns $10,000 a month plus $1,500 for housing, according to...

» Obamas, Prince Harry and the Queen trade mic drops in comedy sketch
29/04/16 18:24 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Video launched via Twitter Friday as part of efforts to raise awareness for the Invictus Games, an annual sporting competition for wounded military veterans Barack Obama left more than just cuddly toys behind at Kensington Palace, judgin...

» VIDEO: Periscope-like app soars in China
29/04/16 15:55 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
While Periscope is blocked in China, Yi has become increasingly popular.

» Publishers 'feeding on scraps from Facebook', says Bloomberg Media boss
29/04/16 13:21 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Justin Smith says social network makes far more money from ads in its news feed than news organisations do from linked traffic Newspapers, magazines and other publishers are “feeding on the scraps” of Facebook’s multibillion-dollar ad bu...

» Samsung thinks the 'future of children's bedtime' is virtual reality stories
29/04/16 11:44 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
A dystopian future of family communication through headsets, or an inventive way to bring remote parents together with their kids – and dinosaurs? Disrupting children’s bedtimes? Most children are more than capable of doing that themselv...

» Uber trials penalty fees for late passengers
29/04/16 11:37 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
Be ready before ordering a car, advises Uber, as company introduces late fee trials in four US cities including New York and Dallas Uber is tired of your lateness. In an effort to deter riders from ordering cars while still drying their ...

» Please, Facebook, don't make me speak to your awful chatbots
29/04/16 11:16 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The future of apps is chatbots, and it’s going to be terrible Have you heard? Apps are dead: chatbots are the new apps. And they will soon be doing everything, from taking your pizza orders to scheduling your meetings. This is the future...

» Hackers hit Minecraft community site
29/04/16 11:02 from BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
Hackers have stolen login data for more than 7 million members of the Lifeboat Minecraft site.

» Always practise safe text: the German traffic light for smartphone zombies
29/04/16 10:44 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
In Germany, they call them smombies – smartphone users who stagger about cities like zombies, oblivious to the risk. Now the city of Augsburg is fighting back The word “smombie” is one of the most recent additions to the German language....

» Yo-Kai Watch review – a cute contender to the Pokemon throne
29/04/16 10:39 from Guardian Unlimited Technology
The cute monster battling fun is extremely familiar, but Yo-Kai watch has plenty of its own charm You won’t find many Yo-kai Watch reviews that don’t touch on the obvious parallels between it and Pokémon. Capturing cutesy monsters to fig...

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