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03-07-2020 Account Manager
manager, Account Manager, account, sales, Service, Development,
CRM, Microsoft, Management, Data, Business, Office
Ipswich.    £25,000  £30,000    

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03-07-2020 Senior Finance and Monitoring Officer
Finance, Senior, Officer, sales, Service, Development,
Management, Data, Business, Technical, systems, delivery
Littlehampton.       Neg   Neg

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03-07-2020 Senior Account Manager- European Power Markets
manager, Senior, power, Account Manager, account, Support,
sales, Service, Development, Business, Marketing, product
London.    Neg  Neg    

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03-07-2020 Depot Manager
manager, Support, IT, sales, Service, Development,
CRM, Security, Management, Change, line, Business
West Midlands.    £40,000  £50,000    

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02-07-2020 Partner Acquisition Executive
Partner, Support, IT, sales, Service, Development,
CRM, Management, database, Cloud, Data, Business
Reading.    £30,000  £35,000    

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02-07-2020 Assistant Commercial Accountant
Accountant, commercial, Support, sales, Service, Development,
Management, SAP, Data, Business, Analysis, Excel
Liverpool.    Neg  Neg    

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sales, Service, Development, Software, Management, Business,
Customer, Customer Service, Financial, Training, Process, system
Colchester.    £25,000  £75,000    

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02-07-2020 Senior Project Manager & Technical Lead
Project Manager, manager, Project, Technical, senior project manager, lead,
Senior, technical lead, Support, infrastructure, IT, project management
Crawley.    £45,000  £50,000    

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02-07-2020 Client Account Manager
manager, Account Manager, client, account, Support, Windows,
sales, Service, Development, CRM, Business, systems
Not Specified.    £24,000  £28,000    

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01-07-2020 Global Software Sales Manager
manager, sales, Software, Software Sales, Service, Development,
CRM, Business, product, Office, Salesforce, agency
Ely.    £30,000  £35,000    

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01-07-2020 D365 Systems Administrator
systems, Administrator, Systems Administrator, Support, IT, manager,
sales, Service, Development, Security, sharepoint, Management
Micheldever.    £70,000  £75,000    

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01-07-2020 Insurance Account Handler
Insurance, account, manager, sales, Service, Development,
Business, Excel, Office, agency, Online, Customer
Leeds.    £19,000  £20,000    

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01-07-2020 Sales Exeuctive
sales, Service, Development, Training, Bank, Team,
Quality, medical, Travel, http, client, Games
Bournemouth.    £18,000  £19,000    

permanent jobs
30-06-2020 Microsoft Dynamics Instructor - UK based
Microsoft, Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics, Support, IT, manager,
sales, Service, Development, Management, Consultant, Change
Bedford.    £50,000  £70,000    

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26-06-2020 Insurance Advisor
Insurance, advisor, Support, sales, Service, Development,
Consultant, line, Business, Customer, Risk, Team
Romford.    £13,000  £15,500    

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24-06-2020 EU Business Developer German and French Speaking
Developer, Business, german, sales, Service, Development,
CRM, networking, Software, Management, Finance, systems
Reading.    £50,000  £55,000    

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20-06-2020 Arrears & Litigation Specialist
Specialist, Support, IT, sales, Service, Development,
Management, delivery, Administrator, Financial Services, Customer, Customer Service
London.    £28,000  £28,000    

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16-06-2020 Microsoft Services Specialist - North West - MSP
Microsoft, Services, MSP, Specialist, Support, IT,
sales, Service, Development, Security, Management, Business
Warrington.    £35,000  £45,000    

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13-06-2020 Salesforce Developer London
Developer, london, Salesforce, sales, Service, Development,
Cloud, http, Permanent, visualforce, Search, apex
City.    £70  £75    

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12-06-2020 Renewals Executive
sales, Service, Development, Business, Training, Bank,
Team, Quality, medical, Insurance, Travel, http
Bournemouth.    £19,000  £20,000    

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11-06-2020 Client System & Product Integration Specialist
product, Integration, system, client, Specialist, Support,
Agile, Digital, IT, sales, Service, Development
Morley.    £18,000  £23,000    

permanent jobs
11-06-2020 Payroll Coordinator
payroll, Coordinator, IT, sales, Service, Development,
Finance, Office, safety, Applications, Application, Consultancy
Northampton.    Neg  Neg    

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