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17-01-2018 Cloud Solution Engineer
engineer, Cloud, Solution, SQL, Windows, active directory,
SQL Server, Exchange, Service, Server, Microsoft, Citrix
Oxford.    £45,000  £60,000    

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17-01-2018 Systems Administrator - Linux, Windows, Cloud - Pe
Linux, Windows, Cloud, systems, Administrator, Systems Administrator,
Support, Agile, VMWARE, AWS, Exchange, Service
Not Specified.    £35,000  £50,000    

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17-01-2018 Senior IT Engineer
IT, engineer, Senior, SQL, Support, VMWARE,
manager, SQL Server, Exchange, Server, tcp/ip, agency
Uckfield.    £30,000  £35,000    

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17-01-2018 Converged Infrastructure Engineer
infrastructure, engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Windows, ITIL, cisco,
IT, Network, design, Data, Storage, Degree
Cambridge.       Neg   Neg

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17-01-2018 DevOps Engineer
engineer, DEVOPS, devops engineer, Support, Linux, infrastructure,
embedded, Python, Server, Development, Software, Testing
City.    £55,000  £70,000    

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17-01-2018 Big Data Developer, Hadoop, Spark, Docker, Mesos,
Developer, Data, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Docker,
engineer, london, Application, SOLID, virtualisation, http
City.    £90,000  £100,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 IT Support Technician
Support, IT, IT Support, Technician, Windows, VMWARE,
cisco, Project, Graduate, active directory, Service, Server
Kirkwall.    Neg  Neg    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Security Analyst (Incident Management/Pen Testing)
analyst, Security, Management, Testing, Incident, INCIDENT MANAGEMENT,
Network, Server, Unix, Cloud, Business, systems
Kidlington.    Neg  Neg    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Technical Domain Architect
Architect, Technical, Domain, Support, IT, Project,
Service, Development, Security, Management, Web, database

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17-01-2018 Project Manager - IT Cloud Infrastructure - Azure
Project Manager, infrastructure, IT, manager, Project, Cloud,
azure, Support, project management, Prince2, Server, Software
West Midlands.          

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17-01-2018 Operations/IT Manager
IT, manager, operations, IT Manager, Support, VMWARE,
cisco, Network, engineer, Service, networking, Software

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17-01-2018 3rd Line/Lead Desktop Support Technician
Support, line, Desktop, 3rd Line, lead, Technician,
desktop support, 3rd, Windows, VMWARE, infrastructure, Digital

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17-01-2018 Software QA / Test Engineer
engineer, Test, Software, QA, Test Engineer, Linux,
Windows, VMWARE, Python, networking, Unix, tcp/ip

any jobs
17-01-2018 Cloud Services Engineer
engineer, Cloud, Services, Support, Linux, Windows,
infrastructure, IT, AWS, active directory, Server, Development
England.    £30,000  £30,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Senior Systems & Network Engineer
Network, engineer, systems, Senior, Network Engineer, SQL,
JavaScript, Support, Windows, infrastructure, IT, sales
Worthing.    £32,000  £37,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 System Administrator - Manchester
Administrator, system, System Administrator, Support, Linux, Agile,
infrastructure, IT, manager, AWS, MySQL, Server
Manchester.    £35,000  £45,000    

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17-01-2018 Lead Service Developer - Manchester
Developer, Service, lead, java, Support, Agile,
infrastructure, embedded, IT, manager, Project, Oracle
Manchester.    £60,000  £60,000    

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17-01-2018 Senior Java Architect
java, Architect, Senior, Java, infrastructure, IT,
Development, Management, design, Data, Analysis, Technical
London.    £70,000  £100,000    

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17-01-2018 DevOps Engineer
engineer, DEVOPS, devops engineer, Support, Linux, infrastructure,
embedded, Python, Server, Development, Software, Testing
London.    £55,000  £70,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Senior DevOps Engineer
engineer, DEVOPS, Senior, devops engineer, Linux, Agile,
VMWARE, infrastructure, Project, MySQL, Test, Development
Bodmin.    Neg  Neg    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Systems Technician / Technical Support
Support, Technical, systems, Technical support, Technician, SQL,
Windows, VMWARE, ITIL, IT, active directory, SQL Server
Westerham.    £25,000  £32,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 IT Support Engineer
Support, IT, engineer, IT Support, support engineer, Windows,
Network, active directory, Service, Server, Software, Management
City.       Neg   Neg

contract jobs
17-01-2018 Senior Network Engineer
Network, engineer, Senior, Network Engineer, senior network engineer, Support,
Windows, VMWARE, cisco, IT, Exchange, Server
Exeter.    £35,000  £45,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 IT Field Engineer
IT, engineer, field, Support, Windows, VMWARE,
cisco, Exchange, Server, Security, networking, Windows server
Sheffield.    £25,000  £30,000    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Trainee/Junior Citrix Engineer
engineer, Citrix, Trainee, junior, Support, Windows,
infrastructure, IT, Service, Server, Development, Management
Nottinghamshire.    Neg  Neg    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Linux Engineer (Support, Python, Linux)
Support, Linux, engineer, Python, VMWARE, infrastructure,
Network, AWS, helpdesk, Development, Ruby, Change
York.    Neg  Neg    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Technical Architect (Java, Test)
java, Architect, Test, Technical, Technical Architect, Java,
Support, Server, Development, spring, Software, automation
York.    Neg  Neg    

permanent jobs
17-01-2018 Citrix Support Engineers x 4 - Virtualisation, Xen
Support, Citrix, virtualisation, XenDesktop, infrastructure, Project,
engineer, Server, Technical, Team, http, virtualization
Newcastle Upon Tyne.       Neg   Neg

contract jobs
17-01-2018 Virtualisation Support Engineer x4 - Newcastle
Support, engineer, virtualisation, support engineer, Windows, VMWARE,
infrastructure, Server, Citrix, Windows server, Technical, systems
Newcastle Upon Tyne.       Neg   Neg

contract jobs
17-01-2018 Virtualisation Support Engineer
Support, engineer, virtualisation, support engineer, IT, Service,
http, Contract, SC, client, Consulting, SC clearance
Newcastle Upon Tyne.       Neg   Neg

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